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Making a New House Feel Like a Home

5 Ways To Light Up A Shabby Chic Garden

by Aapo Ahola

Shabby chic gardens are romantic and soft — a whimsical and comfortable throwback to the days of old. As you design your shabby chic outdoor decor, the landscape lighting design you choose will have a lot to add to the overall effect. 

To help you find the right lighting combinations for any vintage garden, here are five options to choose from.

Edison Lights. So-called Edison lights, also commonly referred to as market lights, are a retro style of exposed bulb. They are generally strung on long wires and hung casually over outdoor entertainment spaces. Edison lights give off a particularly warm glow, and their antique style sets the perfect mood.

Buried Lights. Hide more modern lighting in bushes, plant pots, and flower beds. Hidden retro lighting should exude a soft and warm glow reminiscent of older bulb styles. You can use this technique to highlight specific parts of the yard or garden without adding a modern touch. Bury uplights to create a "moonlight" effect in the trees as well. 

Lanterns. Lanterns are a great way to add charm to the yard and include a type of yard art. Hang antique-style lanterns from shepherd's hooks along a pathway or the edges of a patio. Use lanterns on patio or deck elements, such as tables, columns, and hot tubs. Opt for unique, hand-made lantern styles for a homemade feeling.

Upcycled Fixtures. "Upcycling" is the practice of finding old, fading, chipped, or broken antique furnishings and fixing them up to serve a new purpose. You could, for instance, re-purpose an old chandelier into an outdoor hanging light covered in string lights and greenery. Add small tiki torches to old flower pots or make your own torch from recycled glass bottles. Upcycling adds uniqueness and charm to outdoor lighting — often for a minimal cost.

String Lights. One of the easiest ways to light up the more-trafficked areas of a landscape is to use string lights. Wind them around trees, posts, fences, or tables for a starlight effect. Intermingle them in branches to use as decor for the patio area. Curl them into a mass behind a vintage window or inside an old pail for the soft glow of fireflies. The options are limited only by your imagination. 

Which of these retro style lighting techniques can make your shabby chic garden truly come to life? No matter what you choose, the result will be both practical and a fitting centerpiece of any landscape.