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Making a New House Feel Like a Home

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Making a New House Feel Like a Home

3 Simple Staging Tips To Sell Your Home This Spring

by Aapo Ahola

Selling a home can be a difficult process, but with the right planning, it can be simple and profitable. Considering most professionals agree the spring season is the best times to sell a home, you may be in the early stages of preparing your home for showings and open houses. Unfortunately, the cleaning, organizing, and staging process can be overwhelming. With these simple solutions, you can stage your home to sell this spring season.


Potential buyers want to see a clean home. Therefore, use the time before your home is placed on the market to conduct a thorough cleaning. Spring cleaning should involve pressure washing the exterior siding, driveway, walkways, and outdoor living areas, washing the windows, and deep cleaning all floors.

You may believe certain areas of your home are insignificant, but a potential buyer will be inspecting the house in detail. Dust window treatments, such as blinds, shutters, and curtains, and wipe away dirt and dust from baseboards, crown molding, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.


Clutter is not only unattractive, but it can also make a space feel smaller. Since potential buyers will want a home that is clean and spacious, you need to remove clutter and organize certain spaces properly.

To get started, focus on the closets in the home. Pack away all winter gear, since these items are usually bulky. Coats, jackets, heavy sweaters, and boots are not only unnecessary in the spring, but they also take up too much space in the closet.

If you have a pantry in the kitchen, clean and organize it. Invest in glass or plastic storage containers to store unattractive bags and boxes of flour, sugar, rice, or pasta. Place small bags of snacks in baskets or bins and label using chalkboard pieces or stickers. Both the containers and baskets will make the pantry look organized while adding a bit of style to the space.


Once the interior and exterior of your home are clean and organized, you can start freshening up the landscaping. Landscaping is an imperative part of your home's curb appeal because it is the first part that visitors and passerby see.

Before an agent comes to take photos of your home, mow the lawn, trim trees, and remove any overgrown or dead plants and shrubs.

Plant a few annual flowers in landscaping beds or add to pots and planters on your front porch. This will add some texture and color to your home. Make sure to use brightly colored flowers and planters that will make your entryway stand out from other homes on the market.

Staging your home to sell does not have to be stressful. Using these spring staging solutions, you will attract buyers and sell your home in a more efficient and profitable manner. For more information, contact a business such as Stagethis.