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Making a New House Feel Like a Home

In a couple of years, my husband and I plan to purchase our dream house. Because I’ve been saving money for a new place for several years, I sometimes doubt if my dreams of home ownership will ever come true. Whenever I move into my new abode, I know I will need help with the decorating process. While I know the style I would like to incorporate in my new home, I lack the skills necessary to accomplish my desires. Whenever I shop at home interior stores, I feel so lost. Therefore, I will require the help of a skilled interior designer to help me make my new house feel like a home. On this blog, you will discover the characteristics of a great interior designer. Enjoy!

Making a New House Feel Like a Home

3 Ways To Get Your House To Look Trendy Without Breaking The Bank

by Aapo Ahola

Many people want to decorate their house in a way that reflects the current trends. However, they worry about the cost that it will require to get the look that they want. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to get your house to look the way you want, without overspending. Here are some tips.

1. Keep The Structure Neutral

Any large, expensive items should be kept neutral. For instance, if you are looking to invest in a new couch, you should choose something that is neutral in color and timeless. Then if you want to add splashes of color or trendy items, you can do that in pillows and accessories. That way, if you decide that you want to change your décor in a couple of years, you won't have to purchase an entirely new couch to get a different look. Instead, you just change the accessories to match your new style.

This rule also applies to flooring, blinds, and any other major item in the house. This will not only keep your house easy to decorate, but it will also help with resale value should you choose to sell the house down the road.

2. Repurpose Old Items

Each time you want to change something in your house doesn't mean that you need to completely purchase new furnishings and remodel your home. There are great, creative websites and books that teach you how to easily repurpose your old things so that you can completely change the look of your house, without purchasing new items.

Repurposing can easily be done by adding paint, wallpaper, or different accessories to your furnishings. For instance, an old dresser can be painted and fixed so that it is a bookshelf. You can remove the drawers and add pieces of wood to make shelves. You can also paint it bright colors or add wallpaper to it to make it look exactly how you want it without purchasing a brand new piece of furniture.

3. Decorate Over Time

If you try to do everything at once, you will be amazed at how expensive it can be. Instead of trying to decorate all the rooms in your house, start with the focal points and then move out. Keep looking at garage sells and follow stores for sales and you will be amazed at how much money you can save while still getting the look that you want.

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