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Making a New House Feel Like a Home

Creating A 1920's Bathroom Retreat

by Aapo Ahola

Updating the bathrooms in your home can help add value if you decide to sell your property in the future. When it comes to selecting a style for your bathroom remodel, opting to model your own bathroom after those found in homes across America throughout the 1920's can be exciting.

Here are three tips you can use to help you achieve an authentic 1920's feel in your remodeled bathroom.

1. Keep a white color palette.

When it comes to selecting the tile and fixtures that will be installed in your new bathroom, keeping a white color palette will help you achieve a more traditional 1920's feel in your remodeled room.

While tile flooring came in a variety of patterns during the 1920's, the recent discovery of germs led to a sanitary craze that swept the nation. Homeowners at the time felt that it would be easier to spot germs on white flooring or bath fixtures, so white was the color of choice for 1920's bathrooms. Be sure to reflect this interior decor trend in your own bathroom to keep your remodel as authentic as possible.

2. Opt for a pedestal sink.

If you are hoping to create an authentic 1920's feel in your remodeled bathroom, installing a pedestal sink will help you achieve your goals. Homes in the 1920's were much smaller than they are today, which means that bathrooms were much smaller as well.

Pedestal sinks take up less room visually, with the base designed to conceal plumbing. The smaller design of pedestal sinks made them popular in the 1920's, so incorporating a pedestal sink into your bathroom remodel will help it feel more authentic.

3. Opt for a pedestal tub.

When trying to achieve an authentic 1920's bathroom, incorporating an Art Deco pedestal tub into your design can be beneficial. These tubs are similar to a clawfoot tub, but homeowners in the 1920's found that they were much easier to clean.

Pedestal tubs were found in many 1920's bathrooms, and their timeless elegance makes them the perfect option for homeowners who are remodeling their modern bathrooms today.

A bathroom remodel takes time and money. If you want to ensure that your 1920's bathroom remodel turns out as authentic as possible, keep your color palette white, install a pedestal sink, and opt for a pedestal bathtub. Following these tips will help you enjoy a historically-inspired bathroom in the future. For more tips and information, work with an interior designer like those at Grover's Interiors Inc.