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Making a New House Feel Like a Home

Protecting Your Carpet From Furniture Wear

by Aapo Ahola

One of the downsides to having carpet in your home is the marks that heavy furniture can leave behind. If you like to rearrange your living area periodically, you've probably found yourself battling with these unsightly indents in the past. Although there are some methods to work the carpet fibers loose again, it's easiest when you can prevent the marks from the beginning. Here are a few tips to help you prevent furniture marks from being left behind in your carpet.

Use Caster Caps

Placing caster caps on the base of each leg of heavy furniture can help to ease the stress of the furniture on the carpet. These caps have a rounded circle or square surface that the furniture sits on, and then the side that contacts the carpet is fitted with spikes that separate carpet fibers. These spikes distribute the weight of the furniture, avoiding any lasting indentation in the carpet.

Add Floor Pads

Floor pads are small squares that you can place under the feet of your heavy furniture. They're fairly flat, but they're made to help distribute the weight of the furniture. They also help you to slide the furniture a bit more easily. By adding floor pads under the legs of your furniture and then sliding the furniture to one side or the other a few inches periodically, you can help ease the pressure on the carpet fibers and reduce the risk of lasting indents.

Install Memory Foam

Area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting are both vulnerable to damage from heavy items. If you place a memory foam carpet pad underneath each one, that foam backing will help to absorb some of the weight of the furniture. This may ease the stress put on the carpet fibers, saving them from the breakdown that causes them to be crushed and flattened.

Steam Clean Frequently

At least once a year, plan to have the carpets in your home professionally steam-cleaned. The steam cleaning process will work the carpet fibers and apply heat, both of which can help to free up flattened and stressed carpeting. This may help to keep even minimal carpet flattening at bay.

As you can see, having carpeting in your house doesn't mean you have to simply accept those unsightly divots and dents from the furniture. With these tips, you can keep your carpet looking great and preserve the condition of the fibers for years to come. Try here to learn more about carpeting.